Thursday, October 18, 2012

Top Ten Reasons People Fail

What makes you stand out against millions of other people? As you probably know, there are no two people alike in the world, but did you know that most of your talents and strengths were already determined by the age of three? Since I’m thankfully still a work in progress, I’m always reading new books to improve. I’m currently reading Strengths Finder 2.0, by Tom Rath that I’ve found to be interesting and useful. If you buy the book, there is a code that can be used one time (so don’t get a used copy of the book) to take an online test to determine your top 5 strengths. My strengths, according to my results are 1) intellection, 2) consistency, 3) connectedness, 4) learner, and 5) harmony. Now that I know these strengths, the idea is to use them to explode my business and reach my personal and professional goals. To help get you thinking, I put together the following 10 ten reasons people fail from notes at my Strengths Finder Class (based on the book) that I take on Monday mornings at my office at Keller Williams! I love my job! Hope you can use this information. It sure made me think! 1) Poor people skills 2) Negative attitude 3) A bad fit for your job! 4) Lack of focus. Are your priorities out of whack? 5) Weak commitment 6) Unwillingness to change 7) Shortcut mindset 8) Relying on talent alone 9) Response to poor information 10) NO GOALS… If people don’t have goals, they haven’t allowed themselves to dream. No dream, no passion! Finalize your goal, then aim high!! Peace!

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