Monday, October 29, 2012

Listing update 11130 Outpost Trail is reduced!!! See link for me details and call me if you know anyone looking for the PERFECT family home for the holidays!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

I Know It is Tough Out There, But Think BIG!!

Mindset means absolutely everything. Do you think first, when presented with a problem, of the ways in which you will fail, or do you think of the ways in which you will succeed?  Huge difference, and I would bet that most of us do think of the obstacles before we think of the possible rewards.  Guilty as charged!  I'm reading The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, by Gary Keller right now.  By the way, it is a good read for those who are ready for big goals, whether in real estate or not.  This recession has beaten so many of us down and we've lost our mojo!  Gary Keller reminds us that "often the difference between those who survive and those who perish is the ability to believe in the possibility of being rescued.". He uses the movie Cast Away as example. Remember the Fed Ex box painted with angel wings? It was the emblem of his faith, hope, and salvation. I think I will watch that great movie again!  I can't help but think that if the collective American population would just think big and go big, we could turn this mess around!!  My two cents.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Open House Frisco, Texas 10/21/12 2:00-4:00

Don't forget my open house tomorrow at 11130 Outpost Trail in Frisco 2:00 to 4:00. If you know anyone looking for a beautiful family home with lot's of upgrades, send them my way!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Top Ten Reasons People Fail

What makes you stand out against millions of other people? As you probably know, there are no two people alike in the world, but did you know that most of your talents and strengths were already determined by the age of three? Since I’m thankfully still a work in progress, I’m always reading new books to improve. I’m currently reading Strengths Finder 2.0, by Tom Rath that I’ve found to be interesting and useful. If you buy the book, there is a code that can be used one time (so don’t get a used copy of the book) to take an online test to determine your top 5 strengths. My strengths, according to my results are 1) intellection, 2) consistency, 3) connectedness, 4) learner, and 5) harmony. Now that I know these strengths, the idea is to use them to explode my business and reach my personal and professional goals. To help get you thinking, I put together the following 10 ten reasons people fail from notes at my Strengths Finder Class (based on the book) that I take on Monday mornings at my office at Keller Williams! I love my job! Hope you can use this information. It sure made me think! 1) Poor people skills 2) Negative attitude 3) A bad fit for your job! 4) Lack of focus. Are your priorities out of whack? 5) Weak commitment 6) Unwillingness to change 7) Shortcut mindset 8) Relying on talent alone 9) Response to poor information 10) NO GOALS… If people don’t have goals, they haven’t allowed themselves to dream. No dream, no passion! Finalize your goal, then aim high!! Peace!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to Get the Most Out of Your Workday!! (Works especially well for those who sometimes or always work at home.)

1. Start with a desk clean of clutter and excess paper work, then make a list of things to do for the day! 2. Have that second cup of coffee. Feeling a little groggy and need to feel alert so you can accomplish great things today? Take a little time to make another mini pot of coffee to sip at the desk. 3. Go to the bathroom, to prevent having to get up again later. 4. Sweep, vacuum, and straighten up the house. Don’t you feel like you can get more done with a clean house? After all, who could work around all that pet hair and dirt the family dragged in from outdoors!! 5. Clean out email files, and I mean ALL of them. Your head will be so much clearer for work after you tackle those files marked “Groupon”, “Personal”, or “Work”. I also have an app called “SaneLater” that has its own folder. It’s nice and empty now!! 6. While cleaning out those tabs, address any issues you haven’t tackled. Today, for example, I noticed I never received my son’s Lakewood Spirit Day t-shirt, so I fired off an email to find out why! Good news, it should be arriving next week!! 7. Review the News Feed on Facebook every single time your Android/IPhone sends you a notification. Better yet, just keep the tab open so you can see it every time there is a new entry. After all, this could be great for blog ideas, right? Don’t forget to add snappy comebacks to your friends’ entries so they will see how cleaver you are—then they will want to hire you when they need an expert on real estate (or whatever your profession might be)!! 8. Go through your “Favorites” and delete the ones that are no longer applicable. It is amazing how much is there just taking up space. Purge!! 9. Check in on your Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. Has anyone noticed you today? No? Well then, try to come up with something today that will ACTUALLY get their attention!! 10. Write a Blog. Afterall, so many others can benefit from your experiences! This should get you through to about 11:30 or noon each day… More great advice

Sunday, October 14, 2012

My new listing in Frisco is Home for the Holidays!!

I am so excited about this home with tons of upgrades, including wood floors, new carpet, paint, and fixtures!! Gorgeous entryway with dramatic winding staircase gives a classic first impression!! With 5 bedrooms 3 1/2 baths, and 4072 sqft (or 4 bedrooms and a study, which is how seller uses it) it is PERFECT for a growing family, and even has room for the grandparents!! All the bedrooms are EXTRAORDINARILY HUGE, and I am NOT exaggerating about that!! They all have sitting areas, walk-in closets and bathroom access. 4 bedrooms are upstairs and the luxury master suite, complete with see through fireplace that can be viewed from the bedroom or the jetted tub, is downstairs! Media room has a projector and wall-sized screen, and is conveniently located upstairs on the opposite side of the home from the master (no noise!). Gourmet island kitchen has granite, stone backsplash, ceramic tile, gas stove, breakfast nook, and lot’s of cabinets. The sellers also have an electric stove in storage if buyers prefer it, since there are also gas hookups! Kitchen and breakfast areas open to the spacious family living room. HUGE corner lot, and the backyard is an oasis with hot tub, roses, grape trellis, pears, peaches, & vegetable garden. For energy efficiency, sellers have added solar screens all around the house!! If you would like me to send you the MLS listing on this house, please contact me via email at or cell 469.569.2968. Are you a neighbor? Help me pick your neighbor. First open house will be October 21st from 2-4.