Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to Get the Most Out of Your Workday!! (Works especially well for those who sometimes or always work at home.)

1. Start with a desk clean of clutter and excess paper work, then make a list of things to do for the day! 2. Have that second cup of coffee. Feeling a little groggy and need to feel alert so you can accomplish great things today? Take a little time to make another mini pot of coffee to sip at the desk. 3. Go to the bathroom, to prevent having to get up again later. 4. Sweep, vacuum, and straighten up the house. Don’t you feel like you can get more done with a clean house? After all, who could work around all that pet hair and dirt the family dragged in from outdoors!! 5. Clean out email files, and I mean ALL of them. Your head will be so much clearer for work after you tackle those files marked “Groupon”, “Personal”, or “Work”. I also have an app called “SaneLater” that has its own folder. It’s nice and empty now!! 6. While cleaning out those tabs, address any issues you haven’t tackled. Today, for example, I noticed I never received my son’s Lakewood Spirit Day t-shirt, so I fired off an email to find out why! Good news, it should be arriving next week!! 7. Review the News Feed on Facebook every single time your Android/IPhone sends you a notification. Better yet, just keep the tab open so you can see it every time there is a new entry. After all, this could be great for blog ideas, right? Don’t forget to add snappy comebacks to your friends’ entries so they will see how cleaver you are—then they will want to hire you when they need an expert on real estate (or whatever your profession might be)!! 8. Go through your “Favorites” and delete the ones that are no longer applicable. It is amazing how much is there just taking up space. Purge!! 9. Check in on your Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. Has anyone noticed you today? No? Well then, try to come up with something today that will ACTUALLY get their attention!! 10. Write a Blog. Afterall, so many others can benefit from your experiences! This should get you through to about 11:30 or noon each day… More great advice

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  1. FYI, HEAVY SARCASM ABOVE, laughing at myself for major procrastination today!!